Terms & Conditions

The use of our website, wallet, or/and mobile application is governed by the terms and conditions. This document lists all the terms in detail for future reference. Henceforth, the clients are referred to as the 2nd person and our wallet will be denoted with first pronouns.

  1. Terms acceptance: Using our wallet means that you know and agree with our terms. All the purchases come under the service section.
  2. Eligibility: All the users are above 18 years. Moreover, we reserve the right to suspend the account of any user on the grounds of misinformation without a notice.
  3. Registration: you are responsible for keeping the wallet login credentials private as all the activities of your account will be considered you doing. If you find any unauthorized used of the wallet contact our team for help.
  4. KYC: You can create an account at will but for premium account, you will need to provide Aadhaar card verification.You also give us the right to use the details given to us within the purview of legal rights.
  5. Fee: some services are paid while others are free. So, please visit the account agreement to understand the difference clearly. Even if we do not levy charges does not mean that third party cannot. Be aware of that as well before making the payment.
  6. By using this wallet you agree to have an electronic conversation with us. We may contact you electronically to provide information, or other updates.
  7. We reserve the right to change the agreement without any prior notice. Be sure to keep up to date with the latest changes by vising terms and conditions page.
  8. If there are any disputes, complains or queries related to the wallet, you can contact the wallet support team. In case of the query, complain or dispute with the card, contact the card company for advice.