Insurance Enrollment

Looking to buy or renew best insurance plans? If so, look no further than us. Here at ICP Digital Technology, we will help you find the best insurance policies at the reasonable prices. We are a non-profit company whose aim is to provide the maximum benefits to its customers. Whether you are looking to have a health insurance plan or life insurance, we have you covered.You can easily enroll for any insurance policy of your choice through our website and ensure that no financial loss will result in monetary loss. This way you can have peace of mind as the insurance money will immediately be claimedby a policyholder from the insurance company when it is needed.

Documents required to claim an insurance claim

Suppose if you enrolled for a car insurance and now you want to have an insurance claim because its been stolen then following are the documents you need:

  • Your Policy Document
  • Copy of the RC of your Vehicle
  • Driving License
  • Payment Receipt
  • Reference Numbers of any police complaint you filed.

By keeping these documents handy a vehicle owner can claim the insurance money and sign the approval, settlement which contains the information regarding the ownership of car and claim.