Insurance Bill Payment

Insurances are one way of making you feel a bit more secure in life. Insurances like death insurance, health insurance or others give you control over your life despite the circumstances.

There are a myriad of insurers available in the market. With us, you will be able to pay for most of them.

  • So, first look for your insurer in the lot.
  • Once you find the one you were looking for, select it.
  • Then, fill in the details about your insurance policy and click on payment
  • Afterwards, select the payment option and fill in the credentials\
  • Lastly, fill in the OTP or pin (whichever is required) and make the payment.
  • And viola, your payment is complete.

You will get the message for the deduction from the bank and the payment processing or payment complete notification from the website.

To ensure the security of the clients, only card details without the CVV number is saved on the website if and when you provide the permission for it.

All the transaction work takes place on the bank's encrypted portal to ensure that there is no misuse of your card, net banking details or other wallets details anywhere in the world.