Indo Nepal Money Transfer

Nepal and India are two separate countries and it was compulsory for oneto visit thebranch of any bank to transfer money from India to Nepal. As earlier, it was not possible to make such transactions using net banking facility. Now there is Indo-Nepal Remittance Facility available using which a person can transfer funds from Indians banks to Nepal through NEFT Scheme. Now people do not need to step out of their house to undertake this task as they can do it from the comfort of their home with the help of our website. We offer the Indo-Nepal Remittance Program which enables the visitors tosend money to Nepal from India. The money they deposit gets easily remitted to the beneficiary's bank account. Also, the users gets lots of advantages by transferring money using our page. These include: no service charges, hassle free money transfers, send up to 6 Lacs annually to your dear ones in Nepal, etc.

We at ICP Digital Pay understandyour urgency of sending money to your relatives and friends through online transfers and that too at the right time. Usingour money transfer service, you can send money to Nepalinstantly and rest assured that it will be deliveredin no time.