APIing includes getting a product from the manufacturer and then selling it after re-branding it to make it appear a certain way. One well-known company that does it is Dell.

Why do companies indulge in API?

For the re-branders

Normally, a product production requires investment in infrastructure and technology. With API practices, such investments become nil while you reap the benefits of the products.

For the sellers

  • It helps in increasing the visibility of the product
  • It is extremely cost-effective
  • The manufacturers do not have to spend anything on marketing

We have a API portal that allows you to buy products and services that are high in quality and less in cost. You can buy products which are equivalent if not higher quality than the ones with the brand name on it without paying the fee for the brand name.

How to use this service?

  • Visit our shopping section and get to the searching and scrolling.
  • Find the things that you need and want
  • Add them to the cart
  • Check your bill and make the payment
  • To make the payment, choose from the myriad of options available online.
  • Once selection is done fill in the card or net banking details
  • Choose the option of making payment
  • Fill in the OTP or Pin, if needed
  • Wait for the payment to be processed.
  • And you are done.

Of course, the cash on delivery option is also available and will differ as per the area.

Though, if you are someone who is wary of doing financial transactions online, you can be rest assured that all the data transferring takes place on a secure server that sends data in encrypted form to ensure that no one is able to hack or take benefit of the situation.